Healthcare and Language Access Series: Dr. Alex Chiu Interview Snippet

I recently got a chance to sit down with a focused advocate for Healthcare and Language Access.

Dr. Alexander Ross Chiu truly is rare. He is an accomplished medical doctor.

So what, right?

That's certainly not all. Alex is also an entrepreneur and founder of Air Visits. He has been doing Telemedicine, otherwise cleanly described by Air Visits as "video visits with your doctor, covered by health insurance" long before it was "popularized" (or made indispensable) due to the 2020 Global COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Alex summarizes it best himself in this brief video introduction [1 min, 27 seconds]:


"We're able to offer virtual care to patients who are anywhere."

Why does Alex do what he does? The patients. They have the right to receive the best care possible, and access to technology that can facilitate that is not a nice-to-have, it's essential. 

I know what you are thinking... that sounds very pie in the sky. You're thinking that because you have no idea how amazing Air Visits is and the the impact of the service they provide. This man has calibrated his brain to enable patients through technology access. At Ad Astra, We are certainly aligned with this way of thinking. 

Please have look at the 1-minute clip below. And Stay Tuned for our full interview release of Part 1!

seq - Alex - 1 min Snippet HighRes- master 1

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