Healthcare and Language Access Series: Sam Lippolis Interview Snippet

I recently got a chance to sit down with Telehealth rapid implementation expert Sam Lippolis. She floored me with her unique perspective.

We passionately delved into healthcare and language access topics, for instance:

  • How to keep Telehealth planning, strategy and implementation simple,
  • How to implement medical interpretation and translation processes into your Telehealth plan,
  • Why technology has failed us in the COVID-19 Panedmic,
  • The silver lining in 2020: finally arriving at real technology access for all patients.

Please have look at the 1-minute clip below. You have to hear Sam's passion about the propagation of telemedicine for yourself.

Drop your email below the clip, and we'll make sure you get you the full interview release this Friday. Stay Tuned!

Sam Lippolis, June 28, 2020:

"So for me it started really as the passion of how to help people."

seq - Sam Snippet 1 - master_10Head of Client Solutions, Jeff Weiser, guides a high energy chat with Sam 

At Ad Astra, we are driven by a purpose to build, support and enrich our communities. Sam Lippolis is rowing in that same direction with us, so we are proud to be partnering with her.

seq - Sam Snippet 1 - master_08_04_20

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